3D Outlining Software for Radiotherapy

January 30, 2014 2:40 am

E2E has been engaged to develop a 3D tool for a research project being conducted at the Queensland University of Technology.

This software is designed to allow the user to outline structures in 3D using CT images. The user imports a DICOM data-set and interact with a 3D reconstruction of the images in 3 planes. The user can also click on the images to identify edges of a structure and generate a 3D object representing this in 3D. The user will then be able to sculpt the 3D volume while still being able to see the underlying CT images. The resulting 3D structure will be converted to a DICOM-STRUCT file format.

We are currently in Alpha testing and expect to move a Beta release in mid 2014.

A dedicated project page and video will be released after delivery of the software.