Lumion 5.0 Available from the 3rd of Novemeber

October 22, 2014 2:55 am

Lumion is an indispensable tool for architectural visualizations, with 37 of the World’s Top 100 architect firms now numbering among the rapidly growing Lumion user community.

 As a special offer to our clients all new full licenses purchased after the 28th of September are entitled to a FREE upgrade to version 5.  A range of attractive new upgrade costs are available to all clients who have purchased Lumion between July and September 2014.  Contact us for pricing and be pleasantly surprised.

The introduction of Lumion® 1.0 in 2010 changed the concept of architectural visualization. Since then, Lumion has made it fast and simple for Designers, Architects and Construction professionals to breathe life into their designs by visualizing them as high quality videos and still images. Lumion 5.0 is the latest major update available from the 3rd of November 2014 and once again makes a great leap forward in three of the areas that make Lumion so special: Ease, speed and quality. Here are some Lumion 5.0 highlights.


New Physically-Based Rendered Materials

Lumion 5.0 comes with three new material categories: plastic, stone and leather, and all materials in the material library are now Physically Based Rendered (PBR); a technique which more accurately calculates light interactions with surfaces, resulting in more realistic looking materials. There are 123 New Materials available in Lumion 5.0, making 648 materials now available in total.


New Materials Interface

Users of Lumion are never confronted with difficult choices or cluttered screens. This is due to Lumion’s proprietary and intuitive PureGlass® interface technology, which has been developed to make complicated tasks simple to perform and easy to learn. The New Materials Interface in Lumion 5.0 has been redesigned using PureGlass® principles, to simplify and streamline the process of selecting and optimising materials.


Improved Workflow

Speed, ease and efficiency, without any quality compromises, are all key aspects of an optimised workflow. Lumion 5.0 improves in all of these areas. To start with, Lumion 5.0 typically renders twice as fast as Lumion 4.5 for the same quality output! This is staggering since Lumion 4.5 was already the fastest dedicated architectural rendering software out there. Lumion 5.0 also provides Five Rendering Options (3 previously) to help the user find the right balance between render quality and the time they have to wait. Multiple objects can be quickly and easily placed with Mass Placement, and the Mass Move Effect in one fell swoop animates objects, like vehicles and people en masse. Up to 10 Movie Strips can now be made for each Lumion project (one previously) and Lumion 5.0 now has the capacity for 100 active still images instead of the 10 previously possible.


Awesome Artistic Effects

Lumion is already renowned for its effects, which are often jaw-dropping and simple to apply. Lumion 5.0 has several mouth-watering additions to the effects palette, including Pastel Sketch, the Analog Color Lab, Oil Painting, Blueprint and Materials Highlight, all of which will further amaze the clients of those Lumion users seeking to add an impressive artistic appeal to their design visualizations.


Effects Improvements

The sheen on the skin of animated characters often makes the difference between whether they look real or not. In Lumion 5.0, rendering skin has been made significantly better, making people look uncannily realistic. Adding reflective planes to water is also now possible in Lumion 5.0, making water reflections more realistic and beautiful than ever before.


Better Lighting

Lumion 5.0 comes with a new in-house developed technology called Hyperlight®*, incorporating the indirect effects of reflected light. It creates more accurate and attractive lighting and is especially useful for indoor scenes. Volumetric Sunlight is a second new lighting possibility that creates subtle rays of misty light, which can enrich a scene by adding warmth and atmosphere to it.


Bigger and Better Content Library**

Lumion 5.0 comes with 190 new trees, plants & flowers as well as 73 new, high-quality animated characters (people) from around the world, 60 of which were made by aXYZ design, the renowned 3D character modeling company. The choice of content developed for Lumion 5.0 has been informed by the desire to cater for Lumion’s ever-increasing popularity around the world.


Increased compatibility with 3D modeling software; new bridge to McNeel Rhino®

Lumion 5.0 continues to work perfectly with many major 3D modeling software packages, including Trimble® SketchUp®, Autodesk® Revit®, Nemetschek® Allplan® and Vectorworks®, Graphisoft® ArchiCAD® and Autodesk® 3D Studio Max. In addition, Lumion® 5.0 now has a dedicated exporter for McNeel Rhino®.


* Only in Lumion Pro 5.0

** Full content library is only available in Lumion Pro. Approximately 33% of the full content library is available in Lumion 5.0.