Lumion 6

November 9, 2015 1:27 am

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A great presentation is one of the best ways to engage your client. Thanks to Lumion it is now possible to easily and quickly create top quality presentations yourself. Design professionals all over the world use Lumion as their solution for fast, impressive images and flythrough videos. Acclaimed for its simple workflow, ease of use and fast rendering, Lumion is already used by 51 of the top 100 architecture companies. Lumion 6 brings the quality of your presentations to the next level with new glass, enhanced reflections, shadows, lighting and many more new features.

New in Lumion 6

Image quality is what distinguishes a great presentation from a good one. That’s why materials, reflections, shadows and lighting have been taken to a new level in Lumion 6. The results are now more compelling and realistic than ever.

New Technologies in Lumion 6

  • PureGlass®

The PureGlass® technology gives you access to transparent, translucent or frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever.

  • Speedray™ Reflections

Speedray Reflections offer the opportunity to massively improve image quality with little extra render time. In Lumion 6 reflective surfaces are automatically improved at the flick of a switch.

  • Hyperlight® 2

Hyperlight® 2 calculates the light on surfaces more accurately.

  • OmniShadow™

The new OmniShadow technology enhances small details and makes models feel more solid, through better looking shadows. They provide you with the feeling that an object is grounded and looks in place in the scene.


Workflow improvements

  • Faster rendering

Render time is crucially important in the visualization workflow. Due to detailed improvements in the rendering engine, Lumion 6 renders even faster than Lumion 5. Like for like tests have delivered render time reductions up to 10%. This is quite staggering, considering that Lumion was already the fastest architectural rendering option available anywhere.

  •  Improved Management of Photo Sets

In Lumion 6, it is now possible to render selections within image sets rather than waiting for a full set of images. This creates another option to help you further speed up your process.

  • New Portfolio Management option in MyLumion® (Beta)

MyLumion is a web-based platform, making it possible to communicate your 3D designs anywhere, anytime, using any device. A simple click in Lumion renders your 3D scenes to Lumion 6 has improved this functionality with a great new portfolio management option. This allows you to change the title, description or delete projects you have online. You can now also store up to 10 projects at any time on MyLumion is a way of facilitating communication between architects and their clients.

  • Improved Interoperability with other 3D CAD software
  • Lumion 6 comes with Intelligent Importing. This means that Lumion checks and fixes common errors in 3D models.
  • Importing .DWG files is now faster and more reliable than ever.
  • Lumion 6 supports .FBX v16 files, the latest version of this excellent file format for 3D architectural models.
  • Lumion 6 has improved support for importing models containing Unicode characters. This greatly improves interoperability with models and textures created in languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • AutoCAD® Architecture® now seamlessly exports architectural components like walls, stairs and doors to Lumion 6.

Materials improvements

  • Improved Materials surfaces

In Lumion 6, physically based modelling of materials now more accurately simulates the natural roughness present on surfaces.

  • Wet Asphalt

In Lumion 6, the addition of a new wet asphalt material makes it incredibly simple to inject this sense of artistic realism into your scene.

 New Effects

  • Enhanced Depth of Field
  • Autumn Generator
  • Animated Spotlight Colors
  • Styrofoam
  • Curved paths in Mass Move effect
  • Improved Sky Realism

 New Object Characteristics

  • Animated 3D People Silhouettes
  • People-in-Vehicles Option

New in the Lumion Library


  • 20 Animated Variations in 3D people
  • 215 New Trees, Plants, Flowers and Grasses
  • 20 New Sounds