Lumion® Lumion is a real-time 3D architectural visualization tool for architects, urban planners and designers.
It is a serious alternative to traditional rendering or outsourcing visualizations.

When visualization is not your primary profession you need software that’s easy to pick up.

You need something that gets the job done and you can rely on.

Ease of use combined with fast rendering and excellent quality is what makes Lumion such an extraordinary product.

There is a version of Lumion for everyone

All you need is a computer with a modern graphics card.

Try the Free version today – no training required.
Lumion® and Lumion® Pro
Lumion® is available in two editions: Lumion® and Lumion® Pro.
Please note that this page shows the features and content of Lumion® Pro.
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Lumion® Educational Licenses
We have free educational licenses available.
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For more details visit the Lumion Website or email us for pricing information or questions regarding Quest3D and Lumion capabilities.

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