E2E Visuals specialises in 3D modelling and creation of real-time visual applications

Our core areas of specialisation are:

  • 3D modeling for real-time applications.
  • Interactive 3D environments for simulation and visualisation
  • Customised user focused 3D real-time products and applications
  • Real-time training and consultation services
  • Geographic Data Visualisation and Urban Simulation
  • Visual Display Environments

E2E Visuals offers a large and competitive range of Display Hardware and Software solutions through our affiliate Immersaview.

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We also do 3D modelling…

If you’re in need of real-time 3d content for your real-time applications and products, then look no further than E2E. We have extensive experience in 3D modelling techniques for real-time and can guarantee that all our 3D models are real-time compliant – you will be delivered high performance, high quality 3D models and environments.

Need your content fast? We also boast quick turn-around times – thanks to our modellers experience working across tight deadlines in such fields as high-end movie production.

3D models can be provided in a range of formats such as; OpenFlight (.flt), 3D Studio (.3ds), Wavefront (.obj), and SolidWorks (.stl) to name a few.

Our 3D models are used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Medical Simulation
  • Security Simulation and Training Environments
  • Military simulations
  • Mining visualisation and simulation
  • Architectural visualisation
  • Concept visualisation
  • Urban Planning and Simulation
  • Immersive artistic projects

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